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Antithesis Quiz | The literary term, Antithesis, is covered in this multiple choice quiz. Please review the definition and examples before you complete the Antithesis quiz. Difference Between Antithesis and Paradox - Pediaa.Com

Antithesis: Definition with Antithesis Pictures and Photos Definition of Antithesis. 1. Noun. A proposition that is the diametric opposite of some other proposition. ¹ 2. Noun. (rhetoric) A device by which two contrasting ideas are juxtaposed in parallel form. ¹. definition of antithesis and example? | Yahoo Answers Best Answer: Juxtaposition of contrasting ideas in balanced phrases or clauses. # "Everybody doesn't like something, but nobody doesn't like Sara Lee." (advertising slogan) The Law of Antithesis - Bible Truths Matthew 25: 46 is a good example of how there can be more involved in the law of antithesis. For instance, while both the lost and saved shall continue on eternally (Greek aionios); there shall be a condition opposite in terms of qualitativeness. We see this taught in other scripture.

Antithesis establishes a clear, contrasting relationship between two ideas by joining them together or juxtaposing them, often in parallel structure. Human beings are systematizers and categorizers, so the mind has a natural love for antithesis, which creates a definite and systematic relationship between ideas That's one small step for a

Antithesis is the term used to refer to an author's use of two contrasting or opposite terms in a sentence for effect. The two terms are set near each other to enhance or highlight the contrast in opposite meaning. Sometimes, characters in literary works are the antithesis of each other. The two ... ANTITHESIS | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary antithesis meaning: 1. the exact opposite: 2. a difference or opposition between two things: 3. the exact opposite, or opposition: . Learn more. Antithesis | figure of speech | Antithesis, (from Greek: antitheton, “opposition”) a figure of speech in which irreconcilable opposites or strongly contrasting ideas are placed in sharp juxtaposition and sustained tension, as in the saying “Art is long, and Time is fleeting.” Literature Glossary - Antithesis - Shmoop

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Tropes and Schemes - Antithesis: A scheme that makes use of contrasting words, phrases, sentences, or ideas for emphasis (generally used in parallel grammatical structures). Example: " Americans in need are not strangers, they are citizens, not problems, but priorities." PDF Example Antithesis - Tools of computing

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An antithesis is the complete opposite of something. Though the counterculture was strong in America in 1968, voters elected Richard Nixon, the antithesis of a hippie. The noun antithesis comes from a Greek root meaning "opposition" and "set against.". It's often used today when describing two ideas or terms that are placed in strong contrast... Antithesis | Definition & Examples of Antithesis | HubPages One of the best examples of antithesis is found in Charles Dickens' novel, A Tale of Two Cities.In this excerpt, there are many examples of antithesis. Best of times is the opposite of worst of times, age of wisdom is the opposite of age of foolishness, epoch of belief is the opposite of epoch of incredulity, season of light is the opposite of darkness, spring of hope is the opposite of the ... Antithesis Flashcards | Quizlet Antithesis. A person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else. Parallel structure. ... To give an example. juxtaposition. Antithesis - definition of antithesis by The Free Dictionary 1. opposition; contrast: the antithesis of right and wrong. 2. the direct opposite: Her behavior was the very antithesis of cowardly. 3. a. the placing of a sentence or one of its parts against another to which it is opposed to form a balanced contrast of ideas, as in "Give me liberty or give me death.".


Antithesis: Iago's evil plan is the antithesis to Othello and Desdemona's love. Iago's plan is the complete opposite of Othello and Desdemona's love. He wants to break them up and make Othello miserable while Desdemona and Othello love each other and want to be happy. Philosophical Dictionary: Antecedent-Aquinas For example, "It doesn't rain" is the antecedent in both "If it doesn't rain, then we'll have a picnic." and "It will reach ninety degrees today if it doesn't rain." In a true material implication, the truth of its antecedent is incompatible with the falsity of its consequent. Anthony, Susan Brownell American political activist. 20 Examples of Great Euphemisms | Lynn Schneider Books 20 Examples of Great Euphemisms Posted on December 23, 2011 by Lynn Schneider A euphemism is "the substitution of a mild, indirect or vague term for one considered to be harsh, blunt, or offensive". Examples of antithesis in frankenstein ...

Antithesis Synonyms, Antithesis Antonyms - Merriam-Webster 7 synonyms of antithesis from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 6 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for antithesis. something that is as different as possible from something else Synonyms: antipode, contrary, counter… Difference between antonyms and antithesis? + Example Antonym = A word opposite in meaning with another Antithesis = A person or thing that is the direct opposite of somebody or something else Antonym's relate to specific words, while antithesis relates to things and people. For example: The antonym of happy is sad, while the antithesis of fire is water.